Scholarship Guidelines

The world of agriculture is important to the survival of everyone.  It's more than just growing food; it's about a goal to preserve the value of the land where it is grown.  At Viafield we believe in investing in the future of people who wish to pursue career fields dedicated to that same goal. 

A person has a better chance of getting the job they want in this field if they have a good education.  We hope that this scholarship will help ease the cost of covering college expenses and allow students to focus on what really matters, doing well in their program.  If you are a graduating high school senior pursuing an agricultural-related major at any two - or four - year college we encourage you to apply for the Viafield Youth Ag Scholarship worth $1,000.  Six of these scholarships will be given away every year. 

The following are the guidelines for students who wish to apply for this scholarship.  You can download the application at the bottom of the page.

Student Eligibility

  • High school senior, graduating in the spring
  • Must intend to major in agriculture
  • Legal U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • The student or the parent of the student must be a patron member of Viafield (a cooperative)
  • Students of Viafield Team Members who are Class A and Class B coop members in good standing

Application Checklist

  • Complete application
  • Official school transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Acceptance letter from selected two- or four-year college (if applicable)
  • Complete responses to all questions and essays
  • Academic verification complete with signature by a school administrator/guidance counselor
  • Applicant and parent/guardian signature, if applicant is under 18 years

Selection Process

Viafield High School Scholarship recipients shall be determined by an external, independent committee. Selection will be made on the basis of scholarship ability and citizenship qualities. All decisions made by the committee will be final.

Important Deadlines

All materials (see checklist) must be postmarked by March 18, 2022. All applicants will receive formal notification at there Senior Awards event and/or by mail shortly after.

Mailing Instructions


High School Scholarship Program

1001 Blunt Pkwy

Charles City, Iowa 50616

Note: USPS registered mail certifies safe delivery

All questions should be directed to Chris Menke, Marketing Communications Director, at (641) 715-1203 or Failure to meet the application requirements warrants exclusion.

Specific Instructions

Failure to enclose all of the required information, sign the application or meet the deadline date will result in disqualification.

Receiving the Scholarship

The amount of this scholarship will be paid to the student at the end of the first semester of college. A college transcript showing fulltime academic student status with passing grades must be submitted to receive the scholarship money.

Short Answer Questions

Students applying for the scholarship will be asked to briefly describe what college they are choosing to attend, and what awards and honors they have personally received.


Applicants will be asked to answer essay questions in 500 words or less.