Risk Management Strategies



 Farmers Mutal Hail Insurance Company

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa has been in business since 1893 providing crop insurance to Midwest farmers. They are recognized in the industry for superior claims service and have a history of paying dividends back to their Crop Hail policyholders. CLICK HERE for more information on Farmers Mutal Hail Insurance Company.


Total Weather Insurance

TWI is a unique program that is designed to complement federal crop insurance by protecting your potential profits at risk due to adverse weather. If bad weather happens, you are paid automatically. Unlike federal crop insurance, TWI policies have no claims process, no paperwork, and no adjuster involved. CLICK HERE for more information about Total Weather Insurance or contact one of our insurance exports:

Steve Bodensteiner - (641) 715-1203

Lori Miller - (563) 426-5566