Dry Fertilizer Plant


Built in 2007 the 23,000 ton dry fertilizer plant located in Marble Rock was just short of a four million dollar project.  Everything the facility runs on is computerized and completely state of the art. 

The plant has the ability to load out semis 150 tons per hour.   A 70 car rail unload is located next to the facility, which takes about 18 minutes to unload.  A storage capacity of 22 thousand ton dry fertilizer, allows the fertilizer plant to take care of all of Viafield's needs in its trade territory.  Viafield is a retailer of pot ash, urea and map fertilizer.


Dry Ton Fertlizer Plant


 Pot Ash in Fertilzer Plant 

  UREA at Ferlizer Plant
Fertlizer Plant Office  

 Semi Loading Docks