Fly Control — Viafield offers RangeLand® tubs and Wind and Rain® minerals with Altosid® insect growth regulator to prevent fly development. The adult horn fly is a biting insect that takes 20 to 30 blood meals a day, often found on the backs of cattle and clustering on the animals' midlines and spreading down their sides. The resulting stress interrupts the grazing patterns of cattle, causing them to go off feed. According to university research, calves from badly infested herds gain weight more slowly than normal calves and are lighter at weaning by 10 to 25 pounds. Begin feeding Altosid 30 days before fly emergence and continue feeding until 30 days after the first frost.

Ask your Viafield beef nutritionist how minerals and tubs with Altosid can help your cattle this spring:

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Viafield can provide the nutrition and expertise your beef cattle need to help you meet your production goals efficiently and profitably.  By partnering with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, Viafield provides research-proven, quality feeds – both supplements and complete feeds - to meet the needs of your cattle from start to finish. The products best suited for each phase depend on the feedstuffs available and your management needs.

A typical feeding program includes the following phases:

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Whether you raise cattle in a feedlot, pasture or for show, we have feed products to meet your needs in each phase. Click the links below to find out more. 

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It is important to understand that although many of our supplements are recommended at a 1.0 pound feeding rate, the exact amount required to meet the animal’s nutrient requirements depends on the other feedstuffs being fed and management practices.

To provide you with the most  accurate, customized feeding recommendations, Viafield’s nutritionists use the Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Ration Balancer Program. With the Ration Balancing Program and our nutritionists’ expertise, you can be assured that you are using the right product for your situation - and that you are getting the maximum benefits of your feed. Click here for product sheets with tag information for our most popular beef feeds and supplements.