Beef Feedlot

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The primary objectives of Viafield’s feed starting programs are to get cattle eating well and to keep or get them healthy. Getting cattle to eat well requires feed that establishes efficient rumen function, is palatable, and provides nutrients that stimulate the immune system. Click here for more information on the starter feed program.


Stocker Program — Whatever benchmark you use to measure efficiency – profit per head, pounds of beef produced per acre, return per acre of land, etc. – optimizing forage utilization is fundamental to your success. Our stocker program begins by assessing your situation and then determining the mineral supplementation needed to optimize rumen fermentation and forage digestion, the feed additives needed for enhanced rumen efficiency and performance, and when to use protein supplementation. Click here for more information on the stocker cattle program.

Feedlot Supplements — Our Steak Maker® feedlot supplements have the higher nutrient density your cattle need to efficiently meet their genetic potential. Research-proven, Steak Maker®is a family of supplements that have different levels of nutrients to fit specific situations. Products are made with with a variety of protein and NPN levels, mineral and vitamin fortification, as well as feed additive options to fit different feeding rates, grain and roughage sources, and stage of growth. Click here for more information on Steak Maker® feedlot supplements. Four of our Viafield's most popular supplements are:

Accuration® Finisher — Cattle performance. Your profit potential. Two things our new Accuration Finisher is designed to help you achieve. Accuration Finisher is the latest addition to Purina's innovative line of Intake Modifying Technology® feeding programs. Accuration Finisher effectively controls cattle eating behavior resulting in snack eating. This allows the removal of most or all of the roughage from the finishing diet, optimizing efficiency and dramatically reducing manure output. This improves pen conditions and cattle comfort, while reducing labor and other cost of manure removal.

Consequently, Accuration Finisher program helps improve producer profit potential.


Liquid supplements provide a range of benefits to feedlot nutritional management, including enhanced nutrition, improved palatability, ration conditioning, reduced fines/sorting, and convenience. Viafield offers QLF® (Quality Liquid Feeds) to meet your liquid feed needs.

Finishers —  QLF Land O Lakes® Nutribeef 50 is a high calcium suspended liquid protein supplement designed for growin/finishing feedlot cattle primarily on high grain rations.

Co-Product BalancersQLF Core Max 40 is designed to balance feedlot beef rations when co-products from the corn processing industry are fed to growing-finishing cattle.


The increasing demand for lean beef could make feeding dairy beef a natural for extra income from your operation now and in the future. Click here to learn more about dairy beef opportunities, management recommendations, feeding programs, and to print out a budget worksheet. These are three of our most popular Dairy Beef Products:


Super Mix H-0.8 is a pelleted medicated carrier that provides a source of "user-ready" feed additives that may be used to customize the base feed.

SuperMix with Optaflexx® is ideally suited to add feed medications to cattle rations according to label directions. SuperMix may be used to customize rations for one group of livestock (steers within 28 days of slaughter) without changing the diets of the rest of the feedlot. For increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness in cattle fed in confinement for slaughter during the last 28 to 42 days on feed.

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