About Agronomy 

Viafield's educated agronomy force partnered with WinfieldTM Solutions, Monsanto, NK® Syngenta, and Mycogen® to help you, the producer get the most return on every acre. Utilizing today's technologies, the Agronomy Team is efficient and effective in increasing yields for our customers. Our team believes strongly in producers protecting their crop investments. We offer a variety of AgriSolutionsTM crop protection products that we at Viafield stand behind. In addition, we have partnerships with the following organizations to provide you with chemicals: Monsanto, ©Dow Agri-Sciences, BASF, Syngenta and Bayer.

The agronomy team comes well equipped to serve all of your needs. Our team of agronomy account relationship managers, customer application operators, and agronomy operations personnel, are dedicated to your success.

Agronomy Account Relationship Managers

Dave Adams - Arlington - 563-633-3415

Chelsea Watkins - Arlington319-238-9799

Hope Cline Clermont - 563- 880-3842

Joe Paulson - Grafton - 641-748-2786

Chris Bartz - Grafton - 641-330-7589

Andrew Kruse - Marble Rock - 641-512-0214

Jeff Aronson - Northwood - 641-426-0020

Nic Weigle - Northwood - 641-832-7685

Connor Kuhlemeier - Rudd - 641-330-2903

Wade Peck - Randalia - 641-330-0783

Taylor Nelson - Randalia - 641-590-1099