Casein - National
USDA - Thu Jan 10, 10:33AM CST

     Casein - National Casein Report for U.S. Imports

     Report 2 - Released on January 10, 2019

     Prices for acid and rennet casein are steady. Buyers and sellers are assessing expectations
     for casein production in coming months. Indications from Western Europe are that 2019 milk
     production may be lower than during 2018. Reduced feed availability as well as a reduced
     dairy herd are concerns. That is resulting in consideration as to whether casein production
     will take a hit as this plays out. While New Zealand production remains higher than year
     earlier, it is the downward slope of the production season with a number of months to go. So
     far, expectations for milk output are favorable. An uncertainty is that there is always an
     underlying concern that changed weather patterns might develop. This is leading to a
     cautious but steady market this week as participants weigh the factors going into 2019 as
     they evaluate making contractual commitments..
     Prices for: Spot Sales And Up to 3 Month Contracts, Free on Board - Warehouse, Non-
     Restricted, All Mesh Sizes, Conventional, and Edible Casein

     Acid; Price Range - $/LB:                    3.0150-3.1400
     Rennet; Price Range - $/LB:                  2.3125-2.6900

     Information for the period January 7 - 11, 2019, issued weekly

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