Dry Whole Milk - National
USDA - Thu Jan 10, 10:33AM CST

     Dry Whole Milk - U.S.

     Report 2 - Released on January 10, 2019

     National dry whole milk f.o.b. spot prices are mixed on a wider range. While some sales of
     specific brands pulled up the top price of the range, some trades of aged product, within
     the parameters for human consumption, pushed down the bottom value of the range. The market
     tone for dry whole milk is transitioning from balanced to somewhat unsteady. Nevertheless,
     demands from bakers, confectioners, and hot chocolate dry mix manufacturers are active.
     Meanwhile, some processors are increasing dry whole milk production in order to clear large
     milk/cream intakes across the country. However, dry whole milk processing is limited in
     other plants as managers continue converting large condensed skim volumes into NDM/SMP.
     Therefore, currently, dry whole milk inventories are mixed throughout the country.
     Prices for: U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Conventional, and Edible Dry Whole Milk
     Price Range  - 26% Butterfat; $/LB:                    1.4800 - 1.6500

     Information for the period January 7 - 11, 2019, issued weekly

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