Cheese Highlights
USDA - Fri Feb 08, 12:18PM CST

     Cheese Highlights

     Report 6 - Released on February 8, 2019

     Cheese market upturns last week were met with some converse pressure early this week, until
     Thursday, when both block and barrel prices buoyed. Cheese demand is mostly steady on the
     coastal regions, while Midwestern cheesemakers are seeing a seasonal slowdown. Milk
     production and  availability are similar across the country: heavy. Reported spot load
     prices ranged from flat to $2 under, as a number of cheese plant managers suggest they are
     not seeking any extra milk. Although some contacts relay respective inventories are balanced
     to more manageable, there is a lot of cheese in storage throughout the country. A strong
     U.S. dollar, and comparable global prices, have not helped generate more exporting,

     Information for the period February 4 - 8, 2019, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     Friday�s closing price for CME barrels is $1.3725, compared to $1.3000 last week. CME
     blocks� closing price is $1.5275, compared to $1.5000 last Friday.

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