Organic Dairy Fluid Overview
USDA - Fri Feb 08, 10:33AM CST

     Organic Dairy Fluid Overview

     Report 6 - Released on February 8, 2019


     U.S. Organic Milk Pay Prices. The February 2019 farm gate organic milk pay price is $32.42,
     with a twelve-month average price of $31.30, based on a 12.9 percent representation of total
     solids. The organic pay price is the amount accepted by those organic dairy producers who
     contract with a large national organic cooperative, while based on the geographic area where
     the organic milk is produced and whether it is organic grassmilk.

     Organic Milk Pay Prices in Europe. According to CLAL, the most recent organic monthly milk
     pay price information reports advances for November 2018 in Germany, Austria and France when
     compared to October 2018. The organic milk farm price in Germany averaged 47.85 euros/100lt
     ($54.07 USD), 2.90 percent lower than a year ago, but up 0.29 percent from a month earlier.
     In Bavaria, an important milk producing region of Germany, the average price is 48.10
     euros/100lt ($54.35 USD), 3.82 percent lower than one year earlier, but 0.10 percent above
     the previous month. In Austria, November 2018, average organic milk farm prices, 44.87
     euros/100lt ($50.70 USD), is reported 8.52 percent lower than a year ago, but up 1.49
     percent from October 2018. France's average organic milk farm price for November 2018,
     48.29 euros/100lt ($54.57 USD), is 0.83 percent higher than November 2017, and 1.29 percent
     more than October 2018.

     Cambria Friesland Dutch Organic Milk Pay Price. In the Netherlands, a large processor of
     organic milk announced the guaranteed price for organic milk is unchanged from last month.
     The February 2019 price, 48.00 euros/100kg, (currently $54.49 USD), is for organic milk with
     a fat content of 4.41 percent, a protein content of 3.47 percent, and a lactose content of
     4.51 percent from a producer supplying an average of 600,000 kilograms of organic milk

     U.S. Organic Dairy Fluid Market. There are some reports the organic fluid market is growing
     somewhat at a slow pace. A couple items interfering with the market are other bottled
     beverage products. Some organic milk products have seen slower growth due to a recent
     movement of consuming less dairy. However, the worldwide organic dairy market is increasing.
     Also, the United States is the biggest market for organic cheese.


     Organic Grain and Feed Market Trend. Organic feed grade corn and soybean demand remains
     stable. Trading activity is moderate to increased, as prices for feed grade corn and
     soybeans shifted higher compared to the previous trading period. At this time, sales are
     slower for other organic grains, as most trades were contracted in early 2018.

     Information for the period January 28 -  February 8, 2019, issued biweekly

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