Organic Dairy Retail Overview
USDA - Fri Feb 08, 10:27AM CST

     Organic Dairy Retail Overview

     Report 6 - Released on February 8, 2019

     In the first week of February, total organic retail advertisements increased 32 percent.
     Organic yogurt, 32 oz packages posted the largest percentage change in ads, 214 percent.
     The Northeast region has the largest percentage change for promotions this survey period at
     215 percent. For organic milk, half gallon packages posted the biggest number of ads this
     week. The current retail milk price spread between organic and conventional half gallon milk
     is an organic premium of $2.44. The price spread shifted up $1.27 compared to the prior
     retail survey.

     Organic retail outlets displayed ads for 7 commodities this week. Organic milk, as a
     percentage of the overall ads of organic dairy products, reported 59 percent, followed by
     organic yogurt at 16 percent. Organic cottage and cream cheese published the lowest
     percentages of total ads, both representing 2 percent this week. The pie chart below
     displays percentages of all organic dairy commodities detailed in the ad survey.

     Complete results of this bi-weekly survey providing additional graphs, tables, can be
     accessed at: Advertising information
     presented is compiled from nearly 23,000 surveyed newspaper supermarket ads. Prices are
     valid from January 25-31, 2019. Retail survey ads reflect �advertised specials� and not the
     range of non-advertised supermarket cooler prices.

     Product pricing information of selected organic dairy commodities, from the current weekly
     retail survey, is presented in the following table:


     Commodity          This        Last        Last
                        Week        Week        Year

     Butter             5.18        n.a.        5.22

      Half Gal.         3.98        3.63        3.63
      Gal.              5.62        6.01        7.13
      8 oz.             n.a.        0.92        n.a.

      4-6 oz. Greek     n.a.        n.a.        1.00
       32 oz. Greek     n.a.        3.00        n.a.
      4-6 oz. Yogurt    1.11        n.a.        0.90
       32 oz. Yogurt    3.61        3.50        3.34

     Complete results of the �National Retail Report-Dairy� and �Weekly National Organic
     Summary� are accessible using the following links:



     Information for the period January 28 -  February 8, 2019, issued biweekly

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