Cheese Highlights
USDA - Fri May 10, 6:20AM CDT

     Cheese Highlights

     Report 19 - Released on May 10, 2019

     There was a noteworthy drop-off in spot milk accessibility year over year. Spot milk prices
     were reported from $1 over to $1.50 under Class, significantly pricier than in the previous
     two years of reported spot prices. However, cheese producers are suggesting their milk
     stocks are sufficient during a relatively modest spring flush. Cheese production is active
     nationwide, as stocks continue to grow. On an anecdotal level, a number of cheesemaking
     contacts relay their respective stocks are in balance. Cheese market tones are generally
     healthy right now. CME trading has been somewhat busy this week, as barrels have caught
     their bullish stride.

     Information for the period May 6 - 10, 2019, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     Friday on the CME, cheese barrels closed at $1.7100, up $.0475 from last week. Blocks closed
     at $1.6800, up $.0050 from last Friday.

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