Butter Highlights
USDA - Fri May 10, 6:15AM CDT

     Butter Highlights

     Report 19 - Released on May 10, 2019

     Cream availability into churning has taken a hit across all regions. Interestingly, even in
     the West where cream has been more abundant, butter makers are not receiving discounts.
     Churning does remain steady in the East and West, but micro-fixing schedules have elevated
     in the Midwest. Orders are steady to slightly slower seasonally, as butter producers have
     switched their focus to fall demand. Bulk butter is available, although bulk butter pricing
     has remained mostly steady and at a premium in all regions. Butter markets remain resolute
     week over week, month over month. Contacts are mixed on market expectations. Some relay they
     expect a spike to come this fall, others have suggested continued stability.

     Information for the period May 6 - 10, 2019, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     Friday on the CME, butter closed at $2.3400, up $.0675 from last Friday

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