Dry Whey - Northeast
USDA - Thu May 09, 4:33AM CDT

     Dry Whey - Eastern U.S.

     Report 19 - Released on May 09, 2019

     Northeastern whey powder prices are steady on the bottom, but a bit higher on the top. On
     various market exchanges, weekly prices have risen, overall pushing current price levels up
     at this time. In general, trading activity is sluggish in the region as current prices are
     not very appealing to some buyers. Many market participants are waiting to see where prices
     head before making additional purchases. Dry whey production is stable as Class III plants
     are clearing ample milk volumes for strong cheese processing. Whey powder supplies are
     growing in some facilities. Manufacturers report regular contracts continue to receive
     weekly loads. Some market participants are seeing additional offers on the spot market. The
     market tone is mixed, as inventories are expanding, but spot prices moved incrementally
     higher as well. The April 2019 Dairy Market News monthly average for Northeast dry whey was
     $0.3898 compared to $0.4042 one month ago.
     Prices for: Eastern U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Extra Grade & Grade A, Conventional, and
     Edible Dry Whey
     Price Range - Non-Hygroscopic; $/LB:                   .3400 - .4275

     Information for the period May 6 - 10, 2019, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     The CME Group April 2019 monthly average price for Extra Grade Dry Whey, $0.3420, is up
     from the March 2019 monthly average of $0.3304.

     U.S. Dry Whey Exports. H.S. Code 0404104000(FAS)
                      2019 Exports      % Change From
                      (Million Lb.)       1 Year Ago

     MARCH Total              26.4           - 38

     TOTAL, JAN-MAR           58.2           - 33
      1 China                 19.5           - 41
      2 Vietnam                5.9           + 39
      3 Japan                  5.7           - 24
      4 Mexico                 4.9           - 29
      5 Philippines            4.1           - 27
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