Your Cooperative's History
1891 Farmers Cooperative Exchange of Rockford was established.    
1901 Farmers Cooperative Company of Rudd was established.  
1906 Grafton Cooperative was established.  
1911 Northwood Cooperative Elevator was established.  
1912  Maynard Cooperative was established.  
1914  Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company of Marble Rock was established.  
1915  Arlington Cooperative was established.  
1918 Elgin Cooperative Company was established.  
1926  Farmers Cooperative Company of Manly was established.  
1932 Clermont Cooperative was established.  
1961  Northwood Cooperative acquired the Carpenter location  
1962  Arlington Cooperative acquired the Volga location.  
1975  Maynard Cooperative built the Randalia location.  
1976  Maynard Cooperative and some local producers built the Sumner location.  
1976  Valley Cooperative was created thru the merger of Clermont and Elgin.  
1992 Arlington Cooperative acquired the Lamont location.  
1995  Farmers Co-op (Marble Rock) was created thru merger of Marble Rock &   Rockford.  
1996  Rudd joined Farmers Cooperative (Marble Rock).   
1997 Farmers Cooperative (Manly) was created thru the merger of Grafton and Manly.  
1998 Arlington Cooperative acquired the Winthrop location.  
2002 Northeast Iowa Cooperative was created thru the merger of Maynard and Valley Cooperative.  
2003 Arlington Cooperative joined Northeast Iowa Cooperative.  
2005 Northwood Cooperative acquired the London and Myrtle locations in Minnesota.   
2006 Progressive Ag was created thru the merger of Farmers Co-op (Manly) and Northwood.  
2010 Viafield was created with the unification of Progressive Ag, Farmers Co-op, & Northeast Iowa Co-op.  

Moving Forward

Viafield is a farmer owned and controlled cooperative that was formed in September 2010 thorough the unification of Farmers Cooperative (Marble Rock), Northeast Iowa Cooperative (Clermont) and Progressive Ag Cooperative (Northwood). 

We are proud of Viafield's tradition and heritage that dates back to the late 1800's. Today that tradition is continued as we strive towards fulfilling our promise to provide innovative products and dependable service.  As a cooperative, Viafield now serves over 3,000 farming operations in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. 

Each year the members of your cooperative elect a 9 person board of directors to set policy and provide vision for the future, while helping Viafield fulfill its promise to our customers.  We look forward to a bright future and plan to keep finding better ways to "work for you."


The Viafield Team