Community Giving

Giving Back 

Viafield's three areas of giving include Scholarships, Youth and Community.  These categories allow our business to donate to causes that benefit our customers and their families.  Examples of donation areas Viafield has chosen to support are:

Scholarships:  Graduating high school seniors pursuing an agricultural-related major at any two - or four-year college are encouraged to apply for one of six $1,000 Viafield Ag Youth Scholarships.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Youth: 4-H, FFA, county fair, high school athletics, and school booster clubs

Community: Community festivals, ISU Extension office, and local fire departments


Application Process

We require donation requests in writing or via email for tracking purposes. To better manage requests, an application must be submitted 30-days in advance. Once a request form has been filled out, please send to "Contribution Requests" located at the Viafield Charles City office.  The request form will be evaluated based on areas of giving designated by the cooperative.  CLICK HERE for the Viafield Donation Application

4-H Community Enrichment Program

Viafield invites local 4-H clubs to participate in a program that supports development of youth leadership skills, communication skills and community involvement.

To have their projects considered, 4-H leaders should submit a request describing the project, total cost of project, how the project affects the community, why the 4-H club wants to do the project, and other funding sources and amounts.  Viafield will evaluate the request and determine if it qualifies for the Community Enrichment Program and then will help with a portion of the total cost.

Some of the projects that have been approved in the past are: 1) Painting a concession stand, 2) Building flower planters, planting flowers in them and then donating the planters to the local city businesses to beautify their storefronts, 3) Fixing and repainting the benches at the county fair, 4) Painting a house for a senior citizen who was physically and financially unable to paint it.  These are just a few of the projects that were supported by Viafield over the past few years.  This year Viafield hopes more projects are submitted, so we can expand this program and continue to support our 4-H youth as they grow into our future leaders.

In return for the financial support, Viafield only requires that the club provide a photo of the finished project, including the 4-H members that helped complete the project.  The pictures will be posted on Viafield's web page to illustrate how today's 4-H members are making a difference. 

Iowa and Minnesota 4-H programs in Viafied's service area quality for this program.  Counties in thisservice area include: Mitchell, Howard, Winneshiek, Alamakee, Floyd, Chickasaw, Butler, Bremer, Fayette, Clayton, Black Hawk, Buchannan, Delaware, Worth, Cerro Gordo and Franklin in Iowa and Freeborn County in Minnesota. 

CLICK HERE  to download the 4-H Community Enrichment Application.