Beef Pasture

Realistic goals for the beef cow herd of today should be wean a 90% calf crop in a 60-day calving window with at least 500 lb. weaning weights at 205 days of age. The key to obtaining these goals is maintaining optimum body condition and health status through proper nutrition.  Click here for detail about our beef cow pasture program, which is designed to help your beef herd achieve these goals.  

Fly Control - Viafield offers RangeLand® tubs and Wind and Rain® minerals with Altosid® insect growth regulator to prevent fly development. The adult horn fly is a biting insect that takes 20 to 30 blood meals a day, often found on the backs of cattle and clustering on the animals' midlines and spreading down their sides. The resulting stress interrupts the grazing patterns of cattle, causing them to go off feed. According to university research, calves from badly infested herds gain weight more slowly than normal calves and are lighter at weaning by 10 to 25 pounds. Begin feeding Altosid 30 days before fly emergence and continue feeding until 30 days after the first frost.

Ask your Viafield beef nutritionist how minerals and tubs with Altosid can help your cattle this spring:

Mike Kirby, Beef Production Specialist • 563-419-9522 • 
Mason Kolbet, Livestock Production Specialist • 563-920-2043 •

Bagged Minerals



Purina® Wind and Rain® STORM Cattle Minerals are designed to correct the mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a palatable, weather-resistant, loose formula. STORM minerals' large particle size and special formulation keep the mineral from absorbing water and blowing out of the feeder. STORM technology provides the ultimate in weather resistance to reduce waste and makes Wind and Rain STORM Formula more economical to feed than loose minerals.

Wind and Rain STORM Formula provides:

  • Consistent consumption
  • Balanced mineral nutrition
  • Optimum levels of trace minerals at a 4-ounce consumption rate
  • Resists water, not digestion. 
The ultimate in weather-resistance so that more of the mineral winds up in the cow, not blown out on the ground or spoiled by getting wet. 

Viafield customers prefer —

Blocks – Pro Phos 40 lb. mineral blocks provide necessary phosphorus, vitamins and other trace minerals for improved growth rate and reproduction. Pro Phos contains Diamond V® XP™ yeast for improved palatability. Blocked minerals handle easier and have lower consumption than granular minerals. Click here to see details about Viafield's most popular block — Pro Phos 8 .
Dry Feeds

Creep feed – Weaning weight, next to calving percentage, has the greatest economic impact on pre-weaning calf development.  Creep feeding, by definition, is feeding for maximum growth of bone and muscle without laying down fat. Click here for more information and to find out if creep feeding would be advantageous for your herd.

Stocker Program — Whatever benchmark you use to measure efficiency – profit per head, pounds of beef produced per acre, return per acre of land, etc. – optimizing forage utilization is fundamental to your success. Our stocker program begins by assessing your situation and then determining the mineral supplementation needed to optimize rumen fermentation and forage digestion, the feed additives needed for enhanced rumen efficiency and performance, and when to use protein supplementation. Click here for more information on the stocker cattle program.

Free Choice Forage Supplements - Mineral & Protein Tubs

The goal of our free choice forage supplements is to deliver a high quality, nutritionally balanced product to the entire herd, while reducing associated costs such as time, labor, and equipment. Click here to learn more about free choice forage supplement diet protein requirements, management tips, and cost saving opportunities.

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Rangeland® tubs provide low-moisture, cooked molasses supplements designed to enhance forage utilization and reduce labor while supplying the protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins your cattle need to optimize cow herd production and stocker performance. Rangeland® tubs provide controlled, consistent management consumption in unique one-way containers for added biosecurity that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable containers made of durable recyclable plastic. Click here to determine which Rangeland® tub will meet your needs, including:

Check out the BREAKEVEN CALCULATORS at , which is sponsored by  Purina Animal Nutrition.