What do you like most about a career with Viafield?

This is truly a place where everyone knows your name. It makes all the difference when you enjoy the people you work with, and I can find that experience here. It’s my family away from home.



Job Title:
Seed Support Specialist
Office Customer Service

Rockford, Iowa

Rockford, Iowa

Years of Service:
9 Years


Why did you choose Viafield?

When the position to work at the counter with customers came available, I jumped at the opportunity. I was excited for the chance to work with our farmers and get to know what makes them tick.


Tell us about your career at the cooperative and what role you play in the success of this organization?

My position as seed support specialist means I work through seed inventory to help our agronomy sales team. I coordinate with our vendors to make sure our seed products get to our customers when and where they need it. I also work as a customer service team member at Rockford where I do anything from answering the phone to dumping grain for customers to balancing the register at the end of the day.


How does Viafield provide growing opportunities for you?

Oakland accounting system and other computer program training opportunities have allowed me to grow in my position. It’s great that I can learn something new. All I have to do is ask.