Young Pig (less than 50 lbs. body weight)

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Today's production trends establish the need for superior young pig feeds.  As days-to-market have progressively decreased (and market weights have increased), the birth-to-50 lbs. period has become an increasingly important phase of the total production time. Performance during this critical period impacts pig growth all the way to market.  The UltraCare® feed program is a flexible, nutritionally-sound program from Land O'Lakes Purina Feed and Viafield that provides superior intake, optimal gain and supports immunocompetence  during this period. CLICK HERE for a printable copy of Viafield's recommended feeding program for young pigs and a product overview.

UltraCare starters provide the right balance of essential nutrients for pigs to maintain optimal growth at each stage and contain proprietary MpDTM technologies that give your pigs an appetite for growing and help you solve the challenge of easing young pigs from milk to dry feed. UltraCare technologies work together with scientifically formulated natural appetite stimulants to increase intake and enhance digestion efficiency.  CLICK HERE for more information about UltraCare feeds.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can optimize pig efficiency to reduce feed used per pound of gain. With high corn prices, the savings can add up fast!

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Product Name  Type of Feed  Form  When Fed 
  UltraCare Gel  Pre-starter used with pelleted starters  



First few days after weaning 

  UltraCare 100  Complete pre-starter  



6-10 lbs 

  UltraCare 200  Complete starter  



10-15 lbs

  UltraCare 240 Complete starter   



12-17 lbs

  UltraCare 300 Complete starter   



14-21 lbs

  UltraCare 400 Complete starter   



21-30 lbs

  UltraCare 500 Complete starter  



30-50 lbs

  UltraCare 20/50 Starter Pak Starter supplement used to manufacture complete feed  



15-30 lbs

  Commercial Advantage Premix Starter premix used to manufacture Commercial Advantage 15 & 20 nursery pig diets 



15-40 lbs