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Ready to save time, money and worries with our advanced fuel delivery system? Our energy team is excited about offering you the benefits of the proven Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery System.

  • It helps improve your cash flow and bottom line, because you will only be billed for the fuel you actually use each month.

  • It's automated so you never have to order fuel or worry about running out of fuel.

At the heart of the system is a fuel monitor that we install in your tank at no cost to you. As your fuel level drops, the monitor sends a signal through us to our Cenex distribution center and automatically generates a fuel delivery order.

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Mike Kuboushek - (563) 380-6156
Matt Katcher - (641) 330-0942
Mason Kleitsch - (563) 379-7585 

Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel Pays Off

Test results prove it! Your agriculture equipment maintains peak power when you fill you tank with soy enhanced Ruby Fieldmaster® TM Premium Ag Diesel Fuel. Rigorous independent tests of Ruby Fieldmaster demonstrate a 4.5% increase in power compared to standard #2 diesel fuel. This spring as you gear up for planting season keep the following information in mind.

Q: What's the difference between plain #2 diesel and premium fuel?

A: A premium diesel fuel has a higher cetane number, better lubricity, and injector-cleaning capability versus standard #2. Cetane measures a fuel's ignition delay. High cetane equals shorter delay and better ignition quality for quicker start-ups and less pollution. Lubricity is friction reduction, which extends the life of the fuel pump and reduces downtime. Detergents keep fuel injectors clean for optimum engine performance.

Q: Are all premium fuels alike?

A: No! Both base fuels and additives used to achieve "premium" status can vary widely by supplier. Ruby Fieldmaster Low Sulfur #2 offers a quality base fuel and a complete , balanced soy-enhanced additive package. It's continually researched and tested to ensure the highest quality premium diesel fuel on the market. That's why we can confidently offer our unequaled Total Protection Plan TM diesel fuel warranty.

Q: I've been using plain #2 diesel for years, without a problem. Why switch now?

A: Over time, your engine's fuel pump and injectors get dirty -- a gradual, hard to notice process that reduces both engine performance and fuel economy. Plain #2 fuel contains no additives to reduce wear, extend storage life, or reduce the formation of gum, varnish and corrosion, but Ruby Fieldmaster does. Continued use of Ruby Fieldmaster keeps your fuel system in "like new" operating condition for maximum power and performance.

Q: Why not just buy an over-the-counter additive for my #2 fuel?

A: Many over-the-county additives just combine alcohol or solvents that may offer very limited benefits. Plus, they usually cost you more than Ruby Fieldmaster. Ruby Fieldmaster utilizes a balanced, tested mix of detergent additives, corrosion inhibitors, oxidation stabilizers, anti-wear agents and water demulsifiers. Plus it's soy-enhanced to enhance lubricity!