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Newborn calves require quality nutrition and natural antibodies within 6 hours of birth to get off to a healthy start. LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement is a single dose replacement for maternal colostrum in the first day of life. It is the only replacement for maternal colostrum that is licensed by the USDA. CLICK HERE to learn more.
GAMMULIN®The first two weeks of a calf's life are the most critical as she is exposed to many stressors. Calves under 14 days of age may be vulnerable to the effects of scours and dehydration. LAND O LAKES Gammulin helps support the immune system of calves and may assist calves in meeting health challenges as well as maximizing the gut barrier function through enhanced nutrition. CLICK HERE to learn more.
CALF INSURE® Maintaining gut health is important to the health of all animals, especially young calves which are not born with a rumen or completely developed immune system. LAND O LAKES Calf Insure is an effective way to increase the numbers of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to help maintain gut health and support digestion - and reduce medication costs. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Scours can occur as a result of pathogens and stressors, leading to electrolyte loss and dehydration. LAND O LAKES Electrolyte System is designed to maintain hydration during this critical period. Composed of two parts, the Base provides needed electrolytes and essential fluids, and the Add Pack, combined with the Base, assists with electrolyte transport and helps maintain proper body levels. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Like humans, calves are made up of mostly water, making it critical to maintain hydration. Calves can lose 5 percent to 10 percent of their bodyweight due to water loss within one day of scouring. Fluid loss above 8 percent requires intravenous treatment. LAND O LAKES Electrolyte Complete provides nutritional support for calves with one, easty-to-use package. CLICK HERE to learn more.