Based on your calf management practices, Viafield has a specific feeding plan (milk replacer and starter) to meet the needs of your operation and maximize your return on investment. Improving herd management and average daily gain reduces the cost per pound of gain, which can improve profitability.


  Cow's Match & Future Cow 22


 All Milk Protein Milk Replacer
 Cornerstone 22:20 & Cornerstone 20


 Functional Protein Blend

 Maxi Care Plus & Future Cow 22

 Cow's Match bag 200w Future Cow 22 bag 200w
 Cornerstone 22:20 bag 200w  Cornerstone 20 starter bag 200w  Maxi Care Plus bag 200w Future Cow 22 starter 200w
  • Provides the lowest cost/lb. of gain
  • Provides the earliest average first calving at 22 months
  • Full potential fed calves gained more weight through weaning
  • Actual 305-day milk production was greater for full potential fed calves; calves gave 2,937 pounds more 305-day milk in the first lactation than calves fed standard feeding programs
  • Protein yield was greater for full potential fed calves.
Source: 2007 Journal of Dairy Science Volume 90, Suppl. 1
  • Provides a low cost/lb. of gain
  • Provides an average first calving at 23 months
  • Calves raised on a performance feeding plan gain weight faster before AND after weaning, delivering over $0.35 cost/lb. of gain advantage over standard feedings.

       Calves gain on average:

  • 22 lbs. more from birth to weaning
  • 39 lbs. more from weaning to 12 weeks
  • 61 lbs. more from birth to 12 weeks
  • Offers a level of performance similar to higher cost all milk protein replacer feeding plans by utilizing Amino Acid Advantage™ technology.
  • Unique functional protein blend that is supplemented with a specific amino acid profile that matches a 25% all-milk formula.
  • Functional proteins offer calves benefits beyond nutrition and help them form stronger intestinal barriers.

CLICK HERE for a printable chart showing the expected growth with each program. To determine which feeding plan will help you achieve the results you desire, contact a Viafield dairy production specialist:

Dan Franzen – 563-380-7473

Viafield's most popular calf and heifer feeds, including those in the feeding programs described above, are listed below. Click on the product name for tag information. 

Cow’s Match®
Cornerstone® 22:20
Maxi Care Plus
Herd Maker 20:20
Pasteurized Milk Balancer
Future Cow® 22 with AMPLI-Calf® Technology
Future Cow® TCR with AMPLI-Calf® Technology
Cornerstone® 20 Calf Startena with AMPLI-Calf® Technology
Herd Maker 16
Heifer’s Edge Supplement
Heifer’s Edge Supplement with Bovatec
Dairyland Heifer Tub