From a hot grill to a toasty fireplace... from a soothing bath to a warm stack of clean clothes... from supplying forklift power to heating a grain dryer... clean, efficient propane from your cooperative and our powerful Cenex brand is the fuel source of choice for many homes, farms and businesses across the country.

Over the years, CHS and it's network of Cenex-branded retailers, has become known for providing dependable, safe propane supply. As one of the nation's largest propane wholesalers, CHS has the premier infrastructure, efficient processes and strong supply relationships to reliably meet customer needs today and in the future. CHS assets include one of the nation's largest fleets of pressurized transports, assuring year-round delivery support. Our propane supply is available at 150 terminals in 40 states and five Canadian provinces.

Viafield is serious about promoting safety for all users of our propane. We ask our retail customers to commit to making safety a priority and offer programs to help them inject safety into the everyday thinking of their employees. In addition, we provide a full range of propane products and services - including innovative tools to help retailers and their customers manage costs associated with propane market price fluctuations.

Propane is the fuel source for more than 60 million Americans. Using this nontoxic energy source helps cut emissions and protect the environment; because propane is released as a gas, the danger of spills, pooling or residues entering the environment is eliminated.

If you have any questions about propane offered at Viafield, please contact a local Propane Sales Specialist or a location nearest you. 


The Propane Team

Cory Butikofer Propane Sales Specialist  - 563-419-9529 - Arlington

Dan Sheckles Propane Sales Specialist - 563-419-9525 - Arlington

Gary Butikofer Propane Sales Specialist - 563-419-1394 - Arlington

Roger Loftsgard Propane Sales Specialist - 563-419-9656 - Clermont

Kurt Schweizer Propane Sales Specialist - 641-315-2515 - Marble Rock

Gus Engels Propane Sales Specialist - 641-330-0936 - Rudd

Mark Coyle Propane Sales Specialist - 641-330-7246 - Rudd