Cheese - Midwest
USDA - Wed Jan 03, 1:03PM CST
MD DA830 Cheese - Midwest                                        

MADISON, WI.  January 3, 2018 (REPORT 1)                        

MIDWEST CHEESE:                                                  

Some cheesemakers are no longer taking on spot milk loads, as holiday influxes have 
given them more than needed at the onset of 2018. Midwestern cheesemakers able to opt 
for spot milk are still finding discounted loads, ranging from $1.50 to $6.00 under 
Class III. Some cheesemakers have relayed that milk suppliers are looking to lock in 
future deals now, as milk supplies are expected to remain plentiful. Many plant 
managers produced cheese through the weekend and holiday. Depending on milk supplies, 
which vary by plant, some others are easing back to a five day schedule this week. 
Mozzarella and provolone producers have reported that sales are better than expected 
this week. However, they suggest the holiday rush was cut short as fluctuating market 
prices gave buyers pause. As cheese markets reenter more familiar grounds, cheese 
producers hope to make up for lost sales late in 2017. The CME Group December 2017 
monthly average price for barrels, $1.5426, is down from the November average of 
$1.6656 and down from the monthly average of a year ago, $1.6132. Blocks' 
December average price, $1.4900, is down from the $1.6590 November monthly 
average and down from $1.7335 one year ago. In CME Group trading Wednesday, 
barrels closed at $1.4000, down $.0400 from last Wednesday and blocks closed at 
$1.5075, unchanged from last Wednesday. The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy 
shows that December 29-January 4 Midwest ads for 8 ounce shred cheese have a 
weighted average advertised price of $2.02, 10 cents below the national average. 
Midwest prices range from $1.48-$2.99. One year ago, the national price was 
$2.20. For 8 ounce blocks, the Midwest average price is $2.02, 15 cents below the 
national average price. Midwest ads are priced from $1.48-$2.99. Last year, the 
national price was $2.07. Midwestern wholesale prices are unchanged for Swiss 
cuts, down $.0200 for process, but up $.0525 for all other types.

DOLLARS PER POUND (1000 - 5000 POUNDS MIXED LOTS)                
Process American 5# Loaf                   : 1.5275-1.8875       
Brick And/Or Muenster 5#                   : 1.8800-2.3050       
Cheddar 40# Block                          : 1.6075-2.0025       
Monterey Jack 10#                          : 1.8550-2.0600       
Blue 5#                                    : 2.1475-3.1350       
Mozzarella 5 - 6# (Low Moisture, Part Skim): 1.6800-2.6200       
Grade A Swiss Cuts 6 - 9#                  : 2.7825-2.9000       

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