Butter - Northeast
USDA - Wed Jan 03, 11:02AM CST

MADISON, WI. January 3, 2018 (Report 1)

Milk volumes into Northeast balancing operations are steady to 
plentiful. Cream is available for butter production. Butter 
churns were busy during the holidays, but some schedules have 
decreased, as butter makers are content with the current output.  
Butter orders into food service channels are steady to increased 
as educational institutions are reopening. Spot trading is 
steady to light, as market participants are purchasing for 
immediate commitments or are covered for the time being.  
Domestic butter in global markets shows positive signs of 
strengthen prices. The bulk butter prices for domestic sales are 
reported 5 to 8 cents over the market of the CME Group, with 
various time periods and averages used. At Tuesday's CME Group 
trading, daily cash prices saw butter closed at $2.2075, up 
$0.0375 from last Tuesday. According to the DMN National Retail 
Report-Dairy, December 29-January 4, the Northeast weighted 
average retail price for 1-pound butter was $3.31, 18 cents 
higher than the national price, but down 8 cents from last 
week's regional price. Retail butter markets reported prices 
ranging $2.89-$3.99 in the Northeast. The surveyed average price 
in the Southeast is $3.50, 37 cents more than the national price 
and up 23 cents from last week's regional price. The CME Group 
monthly average price for Grade AA butter during December 2017 
was $2.2078, compared to $2.1763 a year ago. 

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