Butter Highlights
USDA - Fri Dec 29, 1:59PM CST
MD DA451   

MADISON, WI December 29, 2017 (REPORT 52)

Cream for butter production is plenteous, as other dairy processing 
plants remain closed for the holidays. Butter production remains 
active as producers are pushing to burn through large cream volumes. A 
few plant managers report adding extra shifts or running additional 
churns. Inventories are plentiful. Some butter makers are taking 
advantage of the large cream volumes and are building inventories in 
preparation for the spring. Bulk butter prices range from 1 cent to 8 
cents over the CME average. The market undertone is softening a bit. 
Butter sales are light, with orders made around short-term immediate 
needs. Friday's CME group cash trading saw Grade AA butter close at 
$2.2075, up $0.0275 from last Friday.

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