Cheese Highlights
USDA - Fri Dec 29, 1:59PM CST

MADISON, WI   December 29, 2017   (REPORT 52)

Milk supplies remain abundant for cheese production nationwide. 
Cheese production in all regions is steady to strong. However, 
in the Northeast, cheese contacts reported some plants are still 
closed from last week. Heavy blizzard conditions over the 
holidays are causing slower travel. While in the Midwest, a 
majority of cheese plant managers plan to run six to seven day 
workweeks in order to manage the influx of discounted milk 
flowing into the vats. Cheese inventories are heavy and expected 
to increase due to milk supplies. Cheese demand is generally 
stable. The cheese market tone is mixed. Some contacts suggest 
heavy barrel trading on the CME has helped improve the long 
inventory situation. However, some producers relayed that the up 
and down market prices, particularly regarding barrels, have 
created buyer hesitancy in what is typically the busiest season.  
Friday on the CME, barrels closed at $1.4425, up $.0325 from 
last Friday. Blocks closed at $1.5400, up $.0475 from last 

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