Organic Dairy Market Overview
USDA - Fri Dec 29, 11:21AM CST
MD DA900 Organic Dairy Market Overview 

MADISON, WI. December 29, 2017, (Report 52)

      Federal Milk Market Order 1 in New England reports that 
during November, 2017, organic whole milk utilization by pool 
plants totaled 15.1 million pounds, down from 15.8 million 
pounds one year earlier. The November, 2017 butterfat content 
was 3.29 percent, even with 3.29 percent in 2016. Organic 
reduced fat milk utilization for November this year, 20.6 
million pounds, was down from 22.6 million pounds one year 
earlier. Butterfat this November was 1.30 percent, up from 1.29 
percent last year. 

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