Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central
USDA - Thu Dec 28, 11:08AM CST
MD DA230   Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central                      

MADISON, WI.  December 28, 2017 (REPORT 52)                           

In some cases, upper Midwestern fluid milk suppliers were inundated by milk 
over the holiday. Milk silos were full, as some extra milk was placed into 
overflow tankers on Monday. However, contacts suggest that by Tuesday storage 
was under capacity and that large milk volumes had made their way into 
processing plants throughout the region. Contacts continue to point out that 
various types of plants are taking more days off, relative to years' past, in 
order to manage inventories. That being said, most Midwestern cheese producers 
are in the midst of a busy annual production push, as discounted milk loads 
flow into Class III manufacturing as low as $8 under Class. Cream availability 
is seasonally abundant, as Class II processors pushed production early in 
December and have slowed manufacturing in the second half of the month. 
Reported cream multiples were noticeably lower in the Midwest, ranging from 
flat market to 1.10 f.o.b. The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy for December 
22-28 noted the national weighted average advertised price for one gallon of 
milk was $3.22, up 70 cents from last week, and 72 cents higher than a year 
ago. The weighted average regional prices in the Midwest and South Central were 
$2.54 and $3.13, respectively. 

F.O.B. producing plants:   Upper Midwest -   $2.1930-2.4123                      

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