Nonfat Dry Milk - Central and East
USDA - Thu Dec 28, 11:03AM CST
MD DA650 Nonfat Dry Milk - Central and East                                     

MADISON, WI.  December 28, 2017 (REPORT 52)                                     

NONFAT DRY MILK - CENTRAL AND EAST                                              
CENTRAL: Low/medium heat nonfat dry milk (NDM) prices in the Central 
region moved lower on the range, but held steady on the mostly price 
series. Low/medium heat NDM spot activity was slow during the short 
trading week. Low/medium heat NDM drying is active, and contacts do 
not expect this to slow in the near term, as condensed skim is 
abundant. Low/medium heat NDM inventories remain available. The NDM 
market tone is uncertain. While market prices are at historic lows, 
contacts question where the bottom is. High heat NDM prices slipped 
on both ends of the range. High heat NDM producers suggest 
inventories are available, but interest has not picked up after weeks 
of limited orders.
EAST: The regional price of low/medium heat nonfat dry milk (NDM) is 
unchanged in the mostly series in an unsettled and weak market. Spot 
trading is sluggish, as some end users take a holiday break. Heavy 
condensed skim supplies encourage active drying. Sales to Class II 
plants have slowed. Market participants note a downside to adding to 
low/medium heat NDM stocks prior to 2018, preferring a wait-and-see 
approach. Surplus supplies of condensed skim curb the production of 
high heat NDM. Inventories are adequate for near term customer needs. 
The market undertone is weaker.
F.O.B. CENTRAL/EAST:  Includes EXTRA GRADE and GRADE A                          
LOW/MEDIUM HEAT:   .6500 - .7500          MOSTLY:   .6900 - .7300               
HIGH HEAT:         .8100 - .9200                                                                                                                                

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