Dry Buttermilk - Central and East
USDA - Thu Dec 28, 11:03AM CST
MD DA350 Dry Buttermilk (Central and East)                  

MADISON, WI.  December 28, 2017 (REPORT 52)                 

DRY BUTTERMILK - CENTRAL AND EAST                           
CENTRAL: Prices for Central dry buttermilk decreased on the top of 
the range. Dry buttermilk spot activity was light following the 
holiday, and expectations are mixed to bearish regarding early 
2018. Midwestern producers continue to report that drying time is 
limited for buttermilk, but inventories vary from plant to plant. 
Some producers suggest loads are available, but at current market 
prices buyers are hesitant. The dry buttermilk market tone is 
EAST: Eastern dry buttermilk prices are steady to lower. Post-
Christmas holiday production is mixed. Dry buttermilk output is 
being determined by the capacity or the lack thereof to process 
condensed buttermilk as some operations disclosed having drying 
limitations. Demand is sluggish. Spot buyers are avoiding bulk 
shipments until after the New Year holiday period. Accordingly, 
inventories of dry buttermilk powder, at producing plants, are 
proportionately building. Most range moderate to somewhat heavy. 
The undertone of dry buttermilk markets is soft and unassertive.  

F.O.B. CENTRAL/EAST:    .7500 - .8200                       
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