Cheese Highlights
USDA - Fri Nov 10, 1:22PM CST

MADISON, WI   November 10, 2017   (REPORT 45)

Cheese production is steady to strong in the Northeast and West. In 
the Midwest, cheese producers report steady production as milk intakes 
are fairly balanced. Spot milk prices ranged from $1 under to $1 over 
Class. Cheesemakers are currently negotiating winter holiday milk 
prices and finding some noticeable discounts. Mozzarella producers in 
the Midwest are seeing steady to strong orders. Western contacts are 
hoping for a heavier holiday push in the upcoming weeks. In the East, 
retail advertisements are spurring a generally steady demand. The 
cheese market tone is unstable, as barrel prices remained healthy 
while blocks slipped throughout the first half of the week. Contacts 
are unsure whether barrels will come down to meet blocks, or the 
reverse will happen and blocks will rebound. CME Group trading Friday, 
barrels closed at $1.7525, up $0.0375 from last Friday. Blocks closed 
at $1.7100, down $0.0050 from last Friday. 

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