Butter Highlights
USDA - Fri Nov 10, 1:22PM CST
MD DA451   

MADISON, WI November 10, 2017 (REPORT 45)

Cream supplies are fairly evenly distributed throughout the United 
States for butter production. Production is mixed as many 
manufacturers are churning butter, however some balancing plants are 
putting off churning until after Christmas. In addition, other butter 
makers are selling cream back onto the spot market. Butter inventories 
are adequate and meet customers' needs and spot load requests. The 
demand is steady to strong due to increased holiday and end of year 
needs. Butter market prices have declined in some regions but are 
generally steady in others. Bulk butter prices range from flat market 
to 8 cents over the CME average. The market tone is weak to somewhat 
steady as some market participants report that stocks generally exceed 
demand. Friday's CME Group cash trading saw Grade AA butter close at 
$2.2550, up $0.0225 from last Friday. 

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