Dry Whey - West
USDA - Thu Nov 09, 10:57AM CST
MD DA540 Dry Whey - West                                         

MADISON, WI.  November 9, 2017 (REPORT 45)                      

DRY WHEY - WEST                                                  

Western whey prices edged back at the top of both the range and mostly price 
series. While some export demand exists, U.S. and EU manufacturers are 
scrambling to win any business opportunity in a concerted effort to keep 
inventories in check. Ample milk and cheese production, resulting in 
plentiful whey, along with limited demand for whey proteins has resulted in 
ballooning whey stocks nationwide. Industry contacts report a lot of offers, 
but tepid interest for dry whey. The market tone for sweet whey powder is 
bearish. The DMN monthly average of the mostly price series for West dry whey 
during October was $0.3562 compared to $0.3785 one month ago and $0.3533 a 
year ago. NASS reports that September 2017 U.S. human dry whey production, 
89.6 million pounds, is up 20.4 percent from a year ago, but down 3.8 percent 
from August 2017. The Western region produced 29.0 million pounds of human 
dry whey during September, up 56.8 percent from last year, but down 3.7 
percent from last month. Month ending stocks for U.S. human dry whey, at 
105.0 million pounds, are 107.5 percent higher than one year ago, and up 7.1 
percent from August 2017.

NONHYGROSCOPIC:    .2700 - .3950   MOSTLY:    .3000 - .3550      

U.S. Dry Whey Exports. H.S. Code 0404104000(FAS)
                 2017 Exports      % Change From 
                 (Million Lb.)       1 Year Ago

September Total          40.5           + 25
TOTAL, JAN - SEP        338.7           + 13
 1 China                155.5           + 56
 2 Canada                33.0           - 1
 3 Philippines           24.3           + 21
 4 Mexico                23.5           - 16
 5 Japan                 21.0           + 16

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