Dry Whey - Central
USDA - Thu Nov 09, 10:57AM CST
MD DA530 Dry Whey - Central                                      

MADISON, WI.  November 9, 2017 (REPORT 45)                      

DRY WHEY - CENTRAL                                               
Central whey spot prices slid on the top of the range and mostly price 
series. Spot activity was fairly active after a relatively quiet previous 
week. Dry whey production is ongoing, as milk is steadily making its way 
into cheese plants throughout the Midwest. Dry whey inventories are readily 
available. The dry whey market tone remains weak, as producers are showing 
more flexibility in 2018 contracting. Feed whey spot market prices were 
unchanged. Feed whey inventories are available. The DMN monthly average of 
the mostly price series for Central dry whey during October was $0.3445, 
compared to $0.3270 a year ago. The monthly average of the range price 
series for Central animal feed whey during September was $0.2590, compared 
to $0.2553 a year ago. The NASS Dairy Products report noted U.S. total dry 
whey (Human) production for September 2017 was 89.6 million pounds, up 20.4 
percent from a year ago. January-September 2017 U.S. total dry whey 
production totaled 788.6 million pounds, 9.6 percent above the same time 
span in 2016. The Central region produced 39.6 million pounds of U.S. human 
dry whey production in September, 11.5 percent higher than a year ago.
F.O.B. CENTRAL:    .2500 - .3700   MOSTLY:    .2800 - .3500      
F.O.B. CENTRAL: ANIMAL FEED MILK REPLACER:    .1800 - .3000      

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