Dry Buttermilk - Central and East
USDA - Thu Nov 09, 10:57AM CST
MD DA350 Dry Buttermilk (Central and East)                  

MADISON, WI.  November 09, 2017 (REPORT 45)                 

DRY BUTTERMILK - CENTRAL AND EAST                           
CENTRAL: Prices for Central dry buttermilk increased on the top of the 
range. Dry buttermilk spot activity picked up from a slow previous week. 
However, some producers report that most buyers are taking on spots only 
when necessary and waiting out possible price declines. Dry buttermilk 
production remains fairly active, meeting holiday order needs. Dry 
buttermilk inventories are available. The dry buttermilk market tone is 
uncertain. The DMN monthly average of the range price series for Central 
and East dry buttermilk during October was $0.8975, compared to $0.8775 
a year ago. The NASS Dairy Products report noted U.S. dry buttermilk 
production during September 2017 totaled 8.2 million pounds, 2.5 percent 
higher than a year ago. Total U.S. dry buttermilk month-ending stocks 
for September were 16.6 million pounds, 5.9 percent below last year.
EAST: On very limited spot transactions, dry buttermilk prices inched up 
at the top of the range. Dry buttermilk still remains scarce in the East 
spot markets and holds close to market value, with little urgency from 
dry buttermilk manufacturers to discount. Consequently, some purchasers 
are pressured to accept available spot offers from producers, to satisfy 
their immediate needs. The bulk of activity, this week, has developed 
around customer contractual obligations or active less-than-load spot 
transactions, in an unsettled market. 
DAIRY PRODUCTS:  According to NASS, U.S. production of dry buttermilk 
during September 2017 totaled 8.2 million pounds, 2.5 percent above a 
year ago and 9.5 percent above the previous month. Month ending stocks 
were 16.6 million pounds, down 5.9 percent from last year, but up 18.3 
percent from the previous month.                                

F.O.B. CENTRAL/EAST:    .8500 - .9150     

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