Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central
USDA - Thu Nov 09, 10:57AM CST
MD DA230   Fluid Milk and Cream Review - Central                      

MADISON, WI.  November 9, 2017 (REPORT 45)                           

Fluid milk output in the Central region remains steady throughout the 
region. Intake facilities are reporting mostly balanced intakes. However, 
holiday preparations are underway and milk suppliers are offering some 
fairly competitive prices for the winter holiday weeks. Class I orders 
remained fairly steady ahead of the expected holiday lull. Cheese producers 
report being generally balanced on milk intakes, and a number of cheese 
plants are not taking on spot loads. However, discounted spots were 
reported. Spot milk into Class III production ranged from $1 under to $1 
over Class. Cream availability reports are mixed. Cream multiples ranged 
from 1.24 to 1.35 f.o.b. Some buyers who needed to meet specific 
requirements brought the top of the price up a bit. However, most cream 
spots remained unchanged from the past few weeks, and prices are expected to 
dip with the upcoming holiday season. The DMN National Retail Report-Dairy for 
November 3-9 noted the national weighted average advertised price for one 
gallon of milk was $2.79, down 5 cents from last week, but 63 cents higher than 
a year ago. The weighted average regional prices in the Midwest and South 
Central were $2.12 and $2.51, respectively. The NASS Dairy Products report 
noted September U.S. regular (hard) ice cream production totaled 61.3 million 
gallons, down 3.5 percent from last year. January-September U.S. production 
totals 614.7 million gallons, 1.7 percent below 2016 during the same period. 
September production in the Central region totaled 33.9 million gallons, 4.4 
percent below a year ago. The DMN monthly average of the range price series for 
Upper Midwest Class II cream during October 2017 was $2.9912, compared to 
$2.2363 a year ago.

F.O.B. producing plants:   Upper Midwest -   $2.7813-3.0281           

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