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MD DA105 Whey - Europe                                           

MADISON, WI.  November 09, 2017 (REPORT 45)                      

WESTERN EUROPE                                                   
INFORMATION GATHERED  10/30/2017 - 11/10/2017                    
U.S. DOLLARS PER METRIC TON, FOB PORT                            


	European sweet whey prices firmed at the lower end of the price 
range, but weakened at the top. Global competition is believed to 
have shaved upper range pricing. While whey stocks are generally 
ample, location and timing factors helped nudge lower range prices a 
bit higher.
       January-September EU Whey exports, 386,055 MT, increased 1.0 
percent from the same period one year earlier, according to Eucolait. 
The range of monthly percentage changes in cumulative export volumes 
varies from +7.3 percent in May, to +1.0 percent in August. Export 
volumes and primary destinations are shown in the following table:

                           EU Whey Exports
                           Main Three Destinations 
                           January-September 2017 
Destination                Quantity(MT)   Percent of Total  
China                      110,478               28.6
Indonesia                   60,937               15.8        
Malaysia                    40,108               10.4
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