Dry Buttermilk - West
USDA - Thu Dec 07, 10:54AM CST
MD DA340 Dry Buttermilk  - West                             

MADISON, WI.  December 7, 2017 (REPORT 49)                 


Western f.o.b. prices for dry buttermilk are lower at the bottom 
of the range and at both ends of the mostly price series. 
Although dry buttermilk prices are following the same pattern as 
nonfat dry milk prices, dry buttermilk values are at a premium 
above nonfat dry milk. However, industry contacts expect the 
prices for dry buttermilk to drop below nonfat dry milk prices 
in the near future. Dry buttermilk production is active. 
Inventories are large and continue their upward trend. Some 
processors say that demand is falling due to the end of the 
baking season in some areas. Others report steady demand. The 
November 2017 Dairy Market News monthly average for the West dry 
buttermilk mostly series is $0.8069 compared to $0.8716 a year 
ago. The NASS Dairy Products report noted U.S. dry buttermilk 
production during October 2017 totaled 9.5 million pounds, 13.1 
percent higher than a year ago, and 14.6 percent higher than the 
previous month. Total U.S. dry buttermilk month ending stocks 
for October were 18.5 million pounds, 4.6 percent above last 
year. At the GDT Event 201 on December 5, 2017, buttermilk 
powder prices across all contract periods averaged $.8877 per 
pound, up 4.3 percent from the last event.
F.O.B. WEST: .7100 - .8500   MOSTLY:  .7300 - .8000         

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