Dry Whole Milk - National
USDA - Thu Dec 07, 10:42AM CST
MD DA710 Dry Whole Milk - National                               

MADISON, WI.  December 7, 2017 (REPORT 49)                      

DRY WHOLE MILK - NATIONAL                                        
Prices for national dry whole milk remained steady, as most 
reported trades fell right around the middle of the range. There 
are some offers at or around the top of the range, but fewer spot 
transactions at that level. Dry whole milk production reports are 
similar to last week, as drying times have increased with 
balanced to surplus milk supplies across the nation. Dry whole 
milk inventories are available. The November Dairy Market News 
average of the price series for dry whole milk was $1.3667, 
compared to $1.3400 one year ago. NASS Dairy Products reports 
U.S. dry whole milk production during October 2017 totaled 10.3 
million pounds, 49.4 percent higher than one year ago. Month 
ending stocks, at 21.9 million pounds, are 55.2 percent higher 
than stocks of one year ago.

F.O.B. PRODUCING PLANT:         1.2900 - 1.4500                  

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