Whey Protein Concentrate - Central and West
USDA - Thu Dec 07, 10:50AM CST
MD DA771 Whey Protein Concentrate  - Central and West                   

MADISON, WI.  December 07, 2017 (REPORT 49)                             

WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE 34% - CENTRAL AND WEST                         

Whey protein concentrate 34% prices are steady to lower this week. Prices fell at 
the bottom of both the range and mostly price series. While spot prices are 
interspersed across the whole range depending on the value of the brand, prices for 
WPC34% that is interchangeable with other protein sources are set against the 
backdrop of inexpensive nonfat dry milk. Often customers are bypassing WPC34% in 
favor of NDM because of cost. A number of manufacturers report relatively tight, or 
at least comfortable, inventories. However, weakness throughout the whey protein 
complex has made it more difficult to move the WPC34% at values favorable to the 
processor. That said, a few WPC34% producers continue to experience strong demand 
and realize premiums for WPC34% that meets tight customer requirements. Production 
is generally steady. The November 2017 Dairy Market News average of the mostly 
price series for Central and West whey protein concentrate 34% was $0.7757, 
compared to $0.8063 one month ago and $0.7961 one year ago. According to the NASS 
Dairy Products report U.S. production of WPC (25.0-49.9% protein) during October 
2017 totaled 15.6 million pounds, 9.6 percent higher than one year ago, and 8.6 
percent higher than September. Year to date total WPC (25.0-49.9% protein) 
production through October is 149.6 million pounds, up 2.0 from January through 
October one year ago. Manufacturers' end-of-month stocks for WPC (25.0-49.9% 
protein) totaled 23.8 million pounds, 14.6 percent higher than one year ago, and 
3.0 percent more than September 2017.

F.O.B. EXTRA GRADE 34% PROTEIN:  .6500 - .9400  MOSTLY:  .6900 - .8250  

U.S. WPC < 80% Exports, H.S. Code 0404100500(FAS)
                 2017 Exports      % Change From 
                 (Million Lb.)       1 Year Ago

October Total           30.8          + 15 

TOTAL, JAN - OCT       259.0          - 1
 1 China               105.7          - 16
 2 Mexico               50.0          + 47
 3 Canada               30.0          + 5
 4 Philippines          12.7          + 57
 5 Indonesia             8.3          - 12

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