Skim Milk Powder - Oceania
USDA - Thu Dec 07, 9:34AM CST
MD DA126 Skim Milk Powder - Oceania                              

MADISON, WI.  December 07, 2017 (REPORT 49)                      

INFORMATION GATHERED  11/27/2017 - 12/08/2017                    
U.S. DOLLARS PER METRIC TON, FOB PORT                            


       Skim milk powder prices in Oceania are up slightly, but 
certainly not enough to signify any trend. At GDT Event 201 on 
December 5, the SMP all contracts price, $1,774, increased 4.7 
percent. The January contract, $1,746, decreased 1.1 percent. With 
most buyers well stocked and global SMP inventories high, there was 
very little interest in finalizing immediate term transactions. 
Activity in the near term is very quiet. 
       Buyers feel there is little basis to expect any significant drop 
in prices after so many months of SMP prices limping along. Thus, the 
feeling is that buyers assuring supplies for early 2018 with little 
apprehension of missing out on a yet to develop buying opportunity 
led to the slight percentage increases beginning February 2018, more 
than that being any sign of market re-direction.
       Seasonal SMP production in Australia July-September, 48,809 MT, 
is 22.9 percent below the same period last year, according to Dairy 
1.25% BUTTERFAT:                         1,675 - 1,850

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