Dry Buttermilk - Central and East
USDA - Thu Mar 08, 11:06AM CST
MD DA350 Dry Buttermilk (Central and East)                  

MADISON, WI.  March 08, 2018 (REPORT 10)                    

DRY BUTTERMILK - CENTRAL AND EAST                           

CENTRAL: Prices for Central dry buttermilk shifted back down on 
the top of the range. Spot market activity remains fairly quiet, 
as most of the trading activity is taking place in the middle of 
the price range. Dry buttermilk supplies vary from plant to plant, 
but more producers report limited availability. That said, a 
number of buyers suggest offers are available, but some of those 
offers are of off-spec/feed grade powders. Historically, dry 
buttermilk prices fall close in line with those of nonfat dry 
milk. In this case, the dry buttermilk market tone is fairly 
questionable at this point, as nonfat dry milk prices are on a 
downward trajectory. The DMN monthly average of the range price 
series for Central and East dry buttermilk during February was 
$0.7287, compared to $0.9742 a year ago. The NASS Dairy Products 
report noted U.S. dry buttermilk production during January 2018 
totaled 13.1 million pounds, 11 percent higher than a year ago. 
Total U.S. dry buttermilk month-ending stocks for January were 
25.1 million pounds, 12.6 percent above last year.
EAST: Prices for East dry buttermilk are mostly steady. However, 
sources reported sluggish cash sales led to a marginal price 
decline at the top of the range. Dry buttermilk production is 
mixed. Buyer demand is fair, but supplies are sometimes hard to 
come by, as some preferred suppliers' inventories of dry 
buttermilk is reported limited. The market undertone is variable, 
in an unsettled market. The February 2018 Dairy Market News 
monthly average price for Central and East dry buttermilk is 
$0.7287, compared to $0.9742 a year ago.                    
DAIRY PRODUCTS:  According to NASS, U.S. production of dry 
buttermilk during January 2018 totaled 13.1 million pounds, 11 
percent above a year ago and 17.0 percent higher than the previous 
month. Month ending stocks were 25.1 million pounds, up 12.6 
percent from last year and 5.9 percent from the previous month.                                

F.O.B. CENTRAL/EAST:    .6700 - .7900                        

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