Dry Whey - Northeast
USDA - Thu Mar 08, 10:56AM CST

     Dry Whey - Eastern U.S.

     Report 10 - Released on March 08, 2018

     Northeastern whey powder prices tilted lower on the top of the range this week. Trading
     activities are fairly steady as multiple buyers and end users are purchasing around the
     price range. With cheese production operating at steady to high levels, dry whey production
     is generally following the same pattern. Supplies are stable to slightly growing. The market
     tone is somewhat mixed as many market participants are trading around mid to upper $.20s.
     However, some sources have provided anecdotal information of a few spot offers at a premium.
     The February 2018 Dairy Market News monthly average for Northeast dry whey was $0.2772
     compared to $0.4896 one year ago.
     Prices for: Eastern U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Extra Grade & Grade A, Conventional, and
     Edible Dry Whey
     Price Range - Non-Hygroscopic; $/LB:                   .2500 - .2900

     Information for the period March 5 - 9, 2018, issued weekly

     Secondary Sourced Information:

     DAIRY PRODUCTS: According to NASS, January 2018 U.S. human food dry whey production totaled
     87.1 million pounds, 9.1 percent above a year ago and 6.4 more than the previous month. In
     the Atlantic region, the production of human food dry whey for January 2018 totaled 20.5
     million pounds, 8.0 percent less than a year ago and 0.6 percent less than last month.

     U.S. Dry Whey Exports. H.S. Code 0404104000(FAS)
                      2018 Exports      % Change From
                      (Million Lb.)       1 Year Ago

     January  Total           44.1           + 30

     TOTAL, JAN               44.1           + 30
      1 China                 16.5           + 26
      2 Japan                  4.3           + 139
      3 Mexico                 3.7           + 10
      4 Canada                 2.8           - 28
      5 Philippines            2.8           + 49
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