Dry Buttermilk - West
USDA - Thu Mar 08, 10:43AM CST
MD DA340 Dry Buttermilk  - West                             

MADISON, WI.  March 08, 2018 (REPORT 10)                    

DRY BUTTERMILK - WEST                                       
Western free on board (f.o.b.) spot prices for dry buttermilk 
are unchanged on the range, but slightly lower on the mostly 
series. Dry buttermilk production is active as cream volumes are 
ample while butter churning remains strong. Therefore, dry 
buttermilk spot inventories are becoming more assessable in the 
spot market. This week, sales activity has been light/moderate 
as the bulk of transactions are based on contracts. 

The February 2018 Dairy Market News monthly average for the West 
dry buttermilk mostly series is $0.7150 compared to $1.0000 a 
year ago. 

The NASS Dairy Products report noted U.S. dry buttermilk 
production during January 2018 totaled 13.1 million pounds, 11.0 
percent higher than a year ago, and 17.0 percent higher than the 
previous month. Total U.S. dry buttermilk month ending stocks 
for January were 25.1 million pounds, 12.6 percent above last 

F.O.B. WEST: .6800 - .7700   MOSTLY:  .6900 - .7200   
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