Butter Highlights
USDA - Fri Mar 02, 1:31PM CST

     Butter Highlights

     Report 9 - Released on March 2, 2018

     Butter churns are generally active. A few plant managers report that microfixing is on the
     rise. Coincidentally, some contacts communicate that they have slightly decreased their bulk
     butter production as they take on holiday preorders. While cream into churns is available,
     there are reports that cream loads into butter plants are becoming harder to come by as
     Class II and III producers reenter the cream market. Inventories are steady to higher.
     Interest in butter is mostly strong. However, in the Western region demand is flat to lower.
     Bulk butter prices range from 3 under to 8 cents over the market, based on the CME Group
     with various time periods and averages used. The butter market tone is mixed. Friday´┐Żs CME
     Group cash trading saw Grade AA butter close at $2.2000, up $.0275 from last Friday.

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