What do you like most about a career with Viafield?

We have a great group of people here at Viafield and work is a total team effort. In my position teamwork is a must and I am fortunate to have people who like what they do.



Job Title:
HACCP Coordinator
Feed Quality Assurance

Arlington, Iowa

Elgin, Iowa

Years of Service:
7 Years



Why did you choose Viafield?

Originally Viafield offered me a position with an opportunity to expand upon my education in financials and grow in a career. I couldn’t have perceived learning both financials and safety training that would allow me to transition into the roles HACCP coordinator and feed quality assurance.


Tell us about your career at the cooperative and what role you play in the success of this organization?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a preventative food safety system based on principles accepted throughout the world. A HACCP System is designed to minimize the risk of occurrence of food safety hazards. As the HACCP Coordinator, I verify that all of our feed mills at Viafield are in compliance and train other team members on HACCPrequirements.


How does Viafield provide growing opportunities for you?

The feed team continues to increase tonnage delivered to our customers and uses technology to improve our efficiency. This position allows me to keep up on FDA requirements and ensure we provide a quality, safe product.